Let’s stay healthy!

Stay connected.

Call your friends and family whenever you can. Take the time to connect with some people you haven’t in a while. Maybe even try to reconnect with old friends and see how they are doing and feeling. It’s easy to look at someone’s life on social media and think things are perfect or that they aren’t struggling but calling someone to check in can be very helpful to you and that person. You may learn you have more in common then you thought. Spend quality time with your immediate family. Play board games, talk and partake in activities like ( camping in the living room) or making pillow forts together. We will never get back these precious moments.

Limit social media/ media.

For my mental health I set a limit on social media and news broad casting that talk about the virus. I was/ still am taking all measures necessary to protect my family and others. Unless it’s a tweet from the governor about actual events going on in my state. I don’t need to know Sallie’s COVID 19 conspiracy theories or Alice’s neurotic thoughts about what’s going to happen in the future. I also asked family members to stop speaking to me about the virus at one point. I really needed a break. I wanted to hear about other things that may be going on in the world. It may seem ignorant but like I said it wasn’t and still isn’t good for my mental health. You can set limits too! Ask yourself what you need. Notice what causes you more fear or anxiety through out the day. Write it down, you may be able to get rid of a fear trend. Mine was various IG accounts that I had to stop following.

Move your body EVERYDAY!

Anxiety, being stuck at home and feeling bored can contribute to depression, eating unnecessary amounts of food and binge watching tv. Even if you aren’t participating in the things I just said, you are without a doubt moving allot less than you normally do. Take an online fitness class, maybe try different styles of exercise you’d normally feel very shy to do ( most of the time on zoom instructors will allow you to hide your camera) so do your thing! Try a yoga class from a studio you always wanted to visit or your favorite Instagram yogi etc. Start personal training sessions. Maybe buy workout equipment for your home with the money you would have spent on a gym membership this year. We all know going to the gym is going to be very different from now on even when things open up. You can get fantastic workouts in with minimal equipment.

If and when you are able to take a walk outside, get some vitamin D. There is still so much happening in the outside world, hey flowers still bloom and the sun is still shining! Indoor workouts from apps like Nike training app, SWEAT app, Playbook app, Yoga international, Every Mother are extremely helpful and they help you track your goals.

minimal equipment movement activity ideas without the use of having to watch or participate in any “ on screen activity”.

jump rope

air squats

walking lunges

go on a run

push ups


exercise bike

Support local business and small online business.

We are all going through a rough time right now. Family and small business owners are going through a huge hardship. Many small businesses with die this year. Instead of ordering take out or delivery from a chain restaurant, support a locally owned restaurant. Need a gift for a family member? Why not order something cute from a boutique in town and have it personally delivered. Instead of buying clothes off of big businesses try saving money and the planet by purchasing off of eBay or poshmark from people that could really use the extra cash.

Try something extra special.

You can try some really special things like Paint and Sips from home! You can take them with your distant family members via zoom. Now is a perfect time to learn a hobby. Give learning a new language a try. Music lessons, voice lessons and even dance can all be done in the comfort and safety of your home.

Change your eating habits!

Grab a healthy cook book. Learn different ways to prepare some nutrient dense meals. Take the opportunity to talk with a nutritionalist for any ongoing health concerns you may have. Our bodies require nutrients and a healthy diet in order to maintain health. If you’re in the high risk group talk to your doctor and licensed nutritionalist about how dietary changes can help lower your risk of having complications from any chronic disease or virus. Maybe even take some online courses or seminars offered by health professionals to maintain good health habits and learn more about supplementation.

Take care of your skin!

Now is the time. Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink all that water you can for your skin. Stay up on your skin care routine. Use masks, moisturizers and take a break from make up, let your skin breathe. Do at home facials. I’ll make a post about the steamer I use etc if anyone is interested. Do some DIY sugar scrubs on your body, try Gua Sha. Anything you are usually too busy to do for yourself, just do it! This is the moment.

Mental Health Check!

Do weekly mental health assessments. Ask yourself if you’re wearing sweat pants because you like them or have you been wearing sweat pants/ pajamas because you’re not feeling happy? Are you eating more or less than you normally would? Are you stressed? Stop once a day and ask yourself how you feel. It’s good to just notice sometimes. Focus on the positives. Taking a walk is maybe all you need to shift your mindset. Tell people when you feel down. Stay up on your therapy appointments if you see a therapist regularly or maybe now is the time to really settle into the work that needs to be done for your mental health. Listen to positive uplifting pod casts and learn meditation techniques.


Thank you for sharing this time and space with me. These are just personal ideas/ things I’ve come up in this time to cope with the social side effects of COVID 19. I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful and this leaves you hopeful for the future. Please seek medical attention for any physical or mental related health issues. This article does not treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

Social media

You can find me on social media @namastewell_ on instagram.


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